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Enviromatic Systems expertise in industry-specific building automation applications is extensive. Our process begins with assessing current building needs and systems to provide workable options that meet specific customer requirements.

Industries served:


Building automation systems in a healthcare facility require specialized controls to address air handling, isolation rooms and laboratories, and oxygen delivery systems, as well as multiple utility service delivery redundancies to maintain systems operations at all times.

Higher education

When it comes to everything from high-tech classrooms and server facilities to laboratory buildings and 24-hour fitness centers, our building automation systems can incorporate whatever our college and university customers require.

Office buildings

Corporate office layouts and technology integrations vary widely. Add in climate monitoring challenges for high-traffic, public-facing areas, and you have a unique set of circumstances that Enviromatic Systems experts can address.

Laboratory, clean rooms, and research facilities

No matter how advanced or specialized your air quality and control system needs, we can design, install, and maintain the system that’s perfect for protecting people and the work they are doing.

Data center, industrials, and manufacturing facilities

Our systems keep your production going. Our primary goal is the same as yours…no down time.

Religious facilities

Churches face unique challenges when it comes to occupancy schedules. While building automation systems offer the benefit of true automation, we know that those needs can change quickly for religious facilities. That’s why remote system controls and alarms are must-have features we recommend for religious facilities.

School districts

School districts have some of the most complex occupancy schedules of any facility type. Our Reliable Controls enterprise scheduling tool simplifies the complex scheduling demands. 4CP and other peak demand limiting requirements are also easy to implement across multiple buildings simultaneously.

Government and municipality

It’s essential for municipalities to keep operating. Remote access to these facilities is critical to consistent comfort in the buildings where city officials keep us safe, plan for growth, and manage budgets.


Museums house priceless artifacts and works of art. Those exhibits must be protected at specific temperatures and humidity levels around the clock, and system alarms and remote operation options are essential to protect museum inventory from environmental damage.

Hospitality and retail

High-traffic hospitality and retail establishments rely heavily on building automation systems, but also need local control. We’ll help you find that balance and keep your systems efficient, but flexible, for hospitality and retail building applications.

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