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About the Project

In 2017, Enviromatic Systems earned the opportunity to replace a control system at the Allied Health Building for Cedar Valley College in Lancaster, TX. This building was actually the newest building at Cedar Valley College.


Despite the building being only 6 years old, our competitor’s energy management controls never worked properly (this can happen when a major equipment supplier also does the controls work). To remedy the incorrectly installed base building controls for Cindy Rodgers at Cedar Valley College, we implemented all new DDC controls and corrected major static pressure problems and implemented proper freeze protection safety circuits that had never been installed properly.


The static pressure reset programming we implemented allowed building occupants to open the doors that were previously vacuumed closed due to negative pressure. The new control safety circuits also eliminated the annual winter frozen coil “celebration” the facilities staff endured for the first several years of the dedicated outside air unit serving the veterinary tech laboratory.


Shortly after this major success story at Cedar Valley College, we were invited to solve similar problems at Mountain View College in Dallas. Mountainview had an antiquated control system that had been patched together over time and they really needed to start completely over.


Since 2018, we have done six major projects for Mountain View College and now they have a modern BACnet web-based energy management control system. At each campus we have installed Reliable Controls RC WebView 3 on dedicated servers allowing their staff to operate their facilities with setpoint adjustments, occupancy scheduling, unoccupied setpoint limits, outside air resets, and access to trended point data to keep records of building performance and comfort.


We look forward to the long-term partnership with Dallas County College and all of their campuses. They can continue to count on us as a dependable energy management partner and solutions provider for their facilities and mechanical systems.

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