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Waco Convention Center

About the Project

Enviromatic Systems has installed Reliable Controls in Waco’s city buildings since 2013. The operational requirements of a city with multiple facilities across town necessitates a strong distributed control network allowing for multiple geographical locations to be managed from one main office. The Reliable WEBView 3 web- based energy management platform with Enterprise Scheduling capability allows the city to continue adding newer buildings to the existing network without additional software costs.


The thing we’ve always enjoyed about  Reliable Controls is the fact that we both provide energy management and control solutions for facility operators and its occupants. We are not merely just a software company; we (both Reliable and Enviromatic Systems) are a solutions provider and our software is easy to use and maintain with free software updates and no annual user license requirements. Fortunately for our vast customer base, we do not have to pass on these costs like most of our competitors who require a Tridium front-end.


Because of this advantage we get to focus on the imperative – sustainable and comfortable buildings. For this very reason, the city of Waco has chosen us to install controls on their buildings. We installed Reliable Controls in the Waco Convention Center in 2011 for Rabroker Mechanical Contractors. We installed Reliable Controls in the McLennan Library in 2012 for Capstone Mechanical. We subsequently installed the controls for Capstone Mechanical in the 10-story New Police Headquarters which was engineered by Talex Consulting Engineers out of Austin. We also installed Reliable Controls in the Water/Neighborhood Development Building, the Transit Authority, and the Cameron Park Zoo.


Our commitment to the city of Waco is simple, we can equip you with easy to use and maintain building automation controls without the need for annual service agreements, technical service agreements or anything else that forces you in a business partnership with us. We can equip you to be self-sufficient. But if you need us, just call and one of our 50 service technicians will be there to assist you.

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